New work, summer 2015:

DSCN4676b DSCN4685b DSCN4688b DSCN4693b DSCN4695b DSCN4698b DSCN4702b DSCN4706b DSCN4709b DSCN4710b DSCN4716b DSCN4720b DSCN4723b DSCN4729b DSCN4732b DSCN4736b DSCN4737b DSCN4739b DSCN4740b DSCN4744b DSCN4749b DSCN4752b DSCN4760b DSCN4761b DSCN4765b DSCN4771b DSCN4777b DSCN4780b DSCN4782b DSCN4786b DSCN4787b

Prepping for the 2014 holiday sales!

DSCN4326 DSCN4327 DSCN4343 DSCN4345 DSCN4376 DSCN4381 DSCN4387 DSCN4390 DSCN4391 DSCN4392 DSCN4405 DSCN4419 DSCN4423 DSCN4447

New glazes and bold handles for Summer 2014:

DSCN4113 DSCN4116 DSCN4118 DSCN4119 DSCN4122 DSCN4123 DSCN4124 DSCN4127 DSCN4142 DSCN4154 DSCN4171

Somethings new are brewing in the studio! (Winter 2013):

DSCN3796 DSCN3804 DSCN3794 DSCN3791 DSCN3785 DSCN3783 DSCN3770 DSCN3765 DSCN3750 DSCN3742 DSCN3733 DSCN3727 DSCN3722 DSCN3720 DSCN3715 DSCN3710 DSCN3708 DSCN3698 DSCN3696 DSCN3695 DSCN3694 DSCN3693 DSCN3692 DSCN3685 DSCN3684



Finally! Some newer pots (Late 2012- early/mid 2013):

DSCN3412 DSCN3413 DSCN3414 DSCN3415 DSCN3417 DSCN3419 DSCN3421 DSCN3422 DSCN3426 DSCN3428 DSCN3429 DSCN3430 DSCN3434 DSCN3436 DSCN3437 DSCN3438 DSCN3439 DSCN3444 DSCN3446 DSCN3448 DSCN3455 DSCN3457 DSCN3458 DSCN3459 DSCN3460 DSCN3461 DSCN3462 DSCN3466 DSCN3472

Some of my biggest changes (in my mind) was a reassessment of my mug handles. The new handles are much beefier, and the lower attachment is stuck directly on the pot rather than being smeared into the pot and then being backfilled above the join. Compare with the pots below:

Most of these pots are from the first half of 2010. These more recent pots are all fired in my electric kiln to midrange temperatures. I love how some of the glazes mimic characteristics of results from atmospheric kilns. The serendipity of glaze flows and crystals are things I am actively pursuing. The salt glazed jar, vase and juice cups are from around 2008.

Click on images to see them larger!

12 Responses to GALLERY

  1. Carter, old friend! Jim Richardson sent me your wonderful blog, and I’m so very happy to see you here! The pots are looking so animated and full of life, and I especially love your new salt and peppers. I’m excited to read what is going on for you and with you, and I’m just thrilled that you’re making pots and writing!!!

    • Staaacey! So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words. There is too much catching up to do here, so I will track you down elsewhere. Just so you know, this blog was motivated by you getting your website up and running way back when. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Paul Ouzts says:

    I am wild about the last “JUICE GLASS2 ” piece. The glaze is some of the best I’ve seen lately. The CUPS & handles are beautifully excuted and I hope to acquire some JUICE pieces soon. You are indeed a talented artist and should be better known.

    • Thanks Paul!

      I am really fond of the surface I got on the juice glasses too. I only wish I still had access to that kiln! Having to adjust to firing in an electric kiln has been an experiment in frustration at times, but I have learned so much in the process. I think I have a clearer idea of what I like in a surface, and I now have the tiniest clue as to how I can get close to those qualities. But its still a work in progress, still something I continue to explore!

      Thanks for the kind words! Hope you get to give one of my pots a home at some point. My pots always need good homes to go to. Thanks again!

  3. sarrah says:

    I just read your “The creative virtues of grogginess” and “The creative upside of brain damage” I have a new philosophical crush, Yup, let’s call it brain love. I look down at the bottom to see what manner of person would hit so closely to my own thought and low and behold, I see you are a potter- oh please! Me too! Please realize your penning, just gave me complete license to justify all my midnight to 7 am wheel sessions. Thanks Hammer time.


    • I’m honored Sarrah!

      Good luck with the potting. It sounds like you are doing well if you can’t help but be dragged into the studio for those overnight sessions! Keep it up, and enjoy!


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  5. Ron Ball says:

    like all your pots, are using a white clay body. Are most of your glazes ones that you have developed yourself. All the conbinations seem to go really well together.

    • Thanks Ron! Its a mixed bag of ones I’ve developed and ones from other potters. I’ve gone through phases of testing and tweaking to get here, but I agree, things seem to be looking pretty good these days! Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Carol says:

    Glad I happened on your blog. Your glazes are beautiful and your pieces look good for the hand. Oh, and your writing has cheered. me.


  7. Angelique says:

    I have shared your blog with our university pottery club group. Your work inspires many first time potters, who are also young stressed out undergraduates trying to find the life path that fits them best, and for that your words and life story mean a great deal to them. Thank you for transmuting your learned impressions into shared expressions that convey both beauty and insight.

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