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Evidence based support for the arts

The modern scientific framework explains things from cause to effect. Causes explain effects. Something happens as the result of something else. The tree grows from the seed. There are observable consequences. There are sequences of events, one following from the … Continue reading

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Conversations about the limits of art as an instrument of value

Ahoy Di! Β  I’m still plugging away at these issues we’ve talked about, maybe getting somewhere after all 😊 Β  I think I understand that I may have been wasting much of my effort attempting to explain an alternative to instrumental … Continue reading

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What I believed I was doing in my life before cancer: I had been thinking of the difference between a person with no imagination (surely a figment?) and people who read for fun, who make and look/listen at/to art, who … Continue reading

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Responding to Clay Lord

Clay, you state “Knowing people prioritize core issue areas like education, job security, housing, public safety, and health and wellness, how do we show the important ways the arts intersect with their day-to-day lives?” and I wonder whether you feel … Continue reading

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This is my comment to extend the conversation on that article I wrote for the Arts Professional blog. ——————————————– I think both responses thus far highlight exactly what is at stake in this conversation: To what extent are we willing … Continue reading

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Dear Arts Council England, part 1: The culture of counting

(This is the uncondensed version of an essay I wrote for Arts Professional UK. The limited space available there for my ideas painted only a partial glimpse of the argument I intend to make, but it was a sacrifice worth … Continue reading

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Dear Arts Council England, part 2: The idea of consistent quality

(This is the second essay in my argument against the policy proposal of Arts Council England aimed at systematizing quality within the arts.) ——————————————– Arts Council England has expressed the intention of instituting a quality metrics based approach in gathering … Continue reading

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The potter’s place

Something I had written a few years ago: “Being a potter isn’t a ‘job’. It’s being the nexus of a very special community that forms to create and sustain beauty in the humble corners of daily life. Every time you … Continue reading

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Pottery sale this weekend (!)

I am almost done glazing and firing for the sale this weekend at my studio! If the rain holds off today I will get the last load in and be able to start cleaning the studio (don’t want to kick … Continue reading

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Being There for the arts

Chance the Gardener: Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again. President “Bobby”: Spring and summer. Chance the Gardener: Yes. … Continue reading

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