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Pottery sale THIS weekend! (Dec 2012)

Yikes! That time of year is upon us, once again, and as it inevitably does throes my world into a panic of preparation and crunch time potting. Amazingly, though, I seem well ahead of the curve this time around. Its … Continue reading

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What this artist has to be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving all! I woke this morning and felt the need to give thanks for at least some of the things I am grateful for. Sometimes feeling gratitude just needs to be expressed, and what better day to take that … Continue reading

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The long and winding road of how I became a potter

The alternate title I was thinking of was “If they didn’t fire me I probably should have been”….. So I’m on a bit of a theme lately. How one becomes a potter or an artist is a road that each … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace charts the trajectory of an artist

Here is David Foster Wallace to tell us about the origins and pressures of the creative life, expressed in terms of writers of fiction but clearly applicable to any creative field. From his essay “How to have fun”, published most … Continue reading

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