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Trade Secrets of the Atomic Artist: A Modern Fable

So, I should never have expected a consensus of mutual interest among artists (of all people!)….. I almost called this post “a parody”, because it is so deeply rooted in the mythology of ‘The Self Made Man’, but perhaps that … Continue reading

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Art Donations: The exposure you get is that you are willing to work for free

“The exposure you often receive is the exposure that you are willing to work for free.” Andrew Lentini The above quote is something a friend of mine said in response to a facebook conversation that I somehow missed when it … Continue reading

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Incidental Mobius Mandala

Sometime I just love parts of the process that don’t actually get to be in the finished product…. Such as: Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but sometimes also what we take as the whole … Continue reading

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Mugging for the camera

In case I actually forget that I’m still sometimes a potter in this life….. Just now getting back in the groove of actual pottery making…. Mugs are usually the first order of business. I like making them, possibly more than … Continue reading

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Pay Attention, Artists (This means YOU)! WHY Arts Advocacy

Most of my potter friends all think I’m wasting my time on a fool’s errand when I talk about issues in the arts field. Maybe some of it is sort of interesting in a tangential barely relevant sort of way. … Continue reading

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The aerobic exaggeration of ‘carpe diem’

“Seize the day!” It sounds like a motto we can all probably relate to. Its an exhortation to kinetic activity. It describes a standard for our behavior. Its a personal moral imperative. And it makes sense, to a certain extent. … Continue reading

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The difference and similarity between Philosophers and Artists

I think quite often most folks are interested in a self-perception of being this and not being that. (“Dammit, Jim! I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!”). We hand out degrees and certifications to draw the line. We have baptisms and … Continue reading

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A short history of Art

One suggestion that gets trotted out with regularity is that our motivation for making art is the “human impulse to create and express.”. We make art because we are helpless in the face of this impulse. We simply have to … Continue reading

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“Fake it till we make it” and the downside of humility

“When does self promotion cross the line between reporting the facts and inventing them?” Carter (I’m so meta!) Gillies I came across this amazing article that discusses an interesting issue of a person’s behavior relating to changes in self perception. … Continue reading

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Tony Clennell talks life, pots, and the creative industry

Wow! Yesterday was a great day here in Athens GA. Canadian potter Tony Clennell did us the honor of a visit, rubbed elbows with some local potters and pottery enthusiasts, and gave us all an entertaining and informative slide lecture. … Continue reading

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