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Which art form is the most ‘perfect’ or most broadly expressive?

A friend on facebook asked this question: “What do you think is the most “perfect” art form? Or what art form do you find the most broadly expressive?” My response was: “I have no idea what “perfect” means in this … Continue reading

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Target practice and other lessons for potters in the business of art

. ““Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it,” Hugh MacLeod proclaimed in Ignore Everybody, echoing a prevalent cultural sentiment. And yet there’s something terribly disheartening and defeatist in the assumption that we’ve created a society in which … Continue reading

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Getting the excess weight off your bottom and other pottery tips

Heh, heh…. One of the classes I occasionally teach is called “Better bottoms” and the students usually get a smirk or two out of the associations with fitness, exercises, and such. Well, the truth is that if you take certain … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Form

“Sometimes the long way round is the best way home” Scott Cooper A few days ago a fellow potter and I were looking at pots in a local sale and inevitably we started picking up mugs to see how they … Continue reading

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A few ideas for teachers of pottery and ceramics

Recently I was asked to participate in a sharing of lessons and course syllabi between a handful of local(ish) past and present Georgia ceramics instructors. We’ve just gotten the ball rolling, but it seems like a great way of spreading … Continue reading

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So, you want to be an Artist?

. “Although some (aspiring artists) may have the ambition to be the next Jay-Z, or the next whatever, the number of those artists are very very small. And often the artists who are very successful that way, they don’t have … Continue reading

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Sustaining the creative groove

I just had a wonderful surprise visit with fellow potter Michael Kline this weekend who was in town to see the Michael Simon exhibit “Pick of the kiln” at the Georgia Museum and to visit with our esteemed mutual pottery … Continue reading

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