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New work. Oh, and yeah, Pottery sales start THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Hi all! A bit behind getting the word out officially, but THIS WEEKEND is the first of three sales at my studio. Yikes! Actually, I’m in decent shape for tomorrow, if I can get the studio straightened around in the … Continue reading

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‘Fixing’ Art and saving culture: A Thanksgiving parable

Although your world it wonders me with your majestic and superior cackling hen Your people I do not understand So to you I shall put an end And then you’ll never hear surf music again Its almost Thanksgiving, and this … Continue reading

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Obituary: This Week at St Earth

The last several years have seen the demise of some of the giants of pottery/ceramics blogging. No more Emily Murphy’s Pottery Blog. No more Ron Philbeck Pottery. No more Brandon Phillips’ Support Your Local Potter. No more Michael Kline’s Sawdust … Continue reading

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Hacking the grammar of art

I listened to the 2nd installment of Michael Kline’s podcast interview with Nick Joerling the other day and had a fantastic time eavesdropping on these two great potters and friends. Michael does such a marvelous job of setting a relaxed … Continue reading

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Heat stroke

So, I had some other clever title in my mind when I went to sleep last night, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. It was something humorously ambiguous about the benefits (and losses) of … Continue reading

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