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Where’s the BFH?

Beef. BFH. Big f–king handles. You want ’em, I got em. My new experiment in upping the stakes in grippable chunkiness. “Love handles”. A bit of something extra to get your hands on. These are not your average wispy runway … Continue reading

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Teaching Fail

No one likes talking about their failure. Not me, not you, not anyone we know. Its the negative association of scoldings, disappointment, and knowing we should have done better. And it probably makes uncomfortable reading too, but I’m going to … Continue reading

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Belated Valentine’s Day Special: Art as a committed relationship, and matchmaking with galleries

Just saw this video on Dan Ariely’s blog. There’s plenty I would quibble with, but the idea of commitment devices for cabbies and boyfriends alike seems worth thinking about from an art point of view. It seemed like a good … Continue reading

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Pottery geeking

Its been a wonderful week to be a pottery geek in Athens GA! As I mentioned previously, Tony Clennell, Steve Driver, and Judith Duff were all in town for Ron Meyers’ wood kiln firing. Kyle Jones and I were able … Continue reading

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Craft identity

The NCECA blog has asked folks in the ceramic media to participate in a study about the relevance of craft in contemporary society. Here’s what they are up to: THE “C-WORD”: CRAFT IDENTITY SURVEY NEEDS CLAY WORLD FEEDBACK In October … Continue reading

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License to kiln

I wish I had come up with that phrase myself, but you can’t always complain that other people got there before you did. My desire for authorship, originality, and uniqueness is tempered by the sense of belonging, of shared experiences, … Continue reading

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