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Stu(pi)dio Potter

Anyone still out there?…. there…. ere…. eh? I just complained to Scott Cooper that I’m self absorbed enough to worry that the hollow echoes of my voice are making me crazy, but not self absorbed enough to ignore it. Well, … Continue reading

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“The creative virtues of grogginess” and “The creative upside of brain damage”

(Those are direct quotes, by the way) I have spent more time on the computer these last few days than I had ever thought possible. My brain is mush. But according to neuroscientist and extraordinary writer Jonah Lehrer, maybe that’s … Continue reading

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Another lesson in seeing Beauty

My friend Sue read the post I had on “Standards of seeing Beauty” and thought of an example where context makes an actual difference in whether we notice something or not, even great and otherwise widely admired beauty. This is … Continue reading

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Making pots with the Master and with the Slave

“Behold my insipid majesty on the subject” (Chuck Wendig voicing the words I should preface every post with. Or maybe it should just be the new name of this blog…. Maybe “My copious load of marvelous malarkey”) Anyway, I seem … Continue reading

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Standards of seeing Beauty

Lovely word “standard”. It means both a delineation of measurement and an emblem or totem that represents a particular group or perspective. And in our typically thoughtless way we use the term “beauty” in both these senses, and our vague … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day special: The Curse of Pablo Picasso

So anyway, I taught again last night and ran into another of the pervasive stumbling blocks that seem to hold students up. This is related to the ideas I covered in the “Teaching through frustration” post and is another example … Continue reading

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Oglethorpe Clay Cluster

What, you may ask, is that? It turns out that in this age of underfunding public schools and drastic cutbacks in curricula and extracurricular support one of our local Athens elementary schools has developed this innovative program in which parents … Continue reading

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The Price of Beauty

Richard Jacobs, the author of that fabulous series of letters to Christa Assad collected in the book Searching for Beauty, has another interesting post on his blog. Mostly it is the third in a series he is doing about his … Continue reading

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