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In praise of less obvious charms

I saw that the new Bond Girl is to be the fabulous Monica Bellucci. She’s 50. Hey! That’s around my age too! Which got me thinking about how wonderful it is that she gets this role that has been preferred … Continue reading

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On teaching pottery

A friend just asked what I consider to be the ingredients to a successful class. With a cup of coffee before my breakfast to bolster me this is what I came up with: Let me see…. Back in my early … Continue reading

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Art is the epidemic of human creativity

Time to share a little nugget of how my brain works: When anyone understands anything it usually looks like this, A->B->C…. Things follow one from the other in often well established patterns. That’s a good thing. But what artists (and … Continue reading

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Every answer about pricing is right, but its often an answer to the wrong question

Every few years the issue of pricing for our art comes up and cycles around the internet before we move on to other things, settle our opinions in relative discomfort, and get on with life. Maybe that’s a metaphor of … Continue reading

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