My main sales at my studio are the first two weekends in June and the three weekends after Thanksgiving. These are the times when I expect to have the most inventory, the biggest variety of forms available, and typically the best selection of pots. Request being added to the email list and I will message you with the event info and some images of the current work. Always exciting things happening here at the studio!

Otherwise I am happy to open the studio to customers at our mutual convenience, so don’t hesitate to check in with me. For folks in the GA area or visiting who wish to stop by my studio, appointments can be arranged by emailing me at:


My studio is located in Athens Georgia. Stop on by if you are in the area!

Here is the map for where I live:

Who but an artist would live amongst all that tangled fabulous greenery?


My online pottery shop can be found at:

Sorry there is nothing currently online, but feel free to contact me with requests for available work and I can show you what I have. Reasonably recent work can be seen on my Gallery page.




5 Responses to SHOP

  1. Rick Berman says:

    Hey Carter,
    I don’t know if we’ve ever met, but we must have somewhere along the line. I have a request. I’m firing to cone 6 with my students at Pace Academy and would love to have your gold glaze formulae if you share it. I’d be more than willing to give you all of my raku glazes if you are interested, and I also have some pretty amazing cone 6 glazes that I’d be happy to share. If you can’t do I certainly understand.
    All the best to you and yours,
    Rick Berman

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  3. Hi Carter! It’s nice to see you even if it is just in image form. I still have most of the beautiful/magical dinner ware that you gave to me so long ago and use them often. They are so comfortable to handle! Best wishes to you old friend! Stay golden.

  4. N HAWKS says:

    To me, your fabulous page is BEST IMAGINABLE ART SITE EVER! One always wonders how a potters journey began, Then there is the open forum for other potters philosophies. I am an educator and learned so much even tho I am married to a potter who ran the WESTVILLE pottery for nearly 20 years. I think that the UNeducated person who sees a pot will never realize there are regions of China and many nations that do a SPECIFIC type of ceramics for several generations. IN MANY OTHER NATIONS IT IS A REVERED ART FORM whereas many Americans need to know how labor intensive and UNPREDICTABLE a firing can be, IN THE CASE OF WOOD FIRED WORKS ,IT IS LIKE MAGIC.
    So thank you 4 such a COMPREHENSIVE SITE. Very thought provoking! Your study in philosophy transfered into pottery thought!
    By the way, EVERY POTTER has a philosophy as to why they create forms in the manner that they choose. THAT IS THE JOY OF THEIR UNIQUE FORMS.

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