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The importance of being bad

The importance of being bad is at heart a story of difference. It may be simplistic to phrase it this way, but without difference it becomes impossible to distinguish the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’. In essence, we need the bad … Continue reading

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The Art Game (as interpreted through a scene from the film Basquiat)

. A friend recently shared a link to this commentary on ‘the Game of Art’ (from the film Basquiat), discussing among other things how in order to be famous as an artist, in order to attract attention, there are certain … Continue reading

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Salon des refuses

Each year the fabulous AKAR gallery has a Yunomi invitational show, collecting an assortment of 5 pots each from both established and upcoming clay artists. Quite often the exhibit is sensational, and usually sells through the bulk of its inventory … Continue reading

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The lesson of the great blue heron

“Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere” G. K. Chesterton Last post was a truly epic ramble about the importance of art. Part of the case I was offering was that we sometimes get so caught up in … Continue reading

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Baby’s got backfill

Soooo, anyway… An exciting last several days in the world of arts advocacy and arts policy debates! But enough of that for the time being. We potters are so on the fringes of accepted art status that I’m sure most … Continue reading

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Making the case for Art

I received a tremendous reply to the comment I made on Linda Essig’s blog, and knew my own response to it would simply be too large to leave there (More typical OverKillGillies blathering, I’m afraid. And this one is epic….). … Continue reading

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My contribution to the arts education debate: The Importance of Being Bad

(I had a whole other post planned for “The importance of being bad” but decided to use it here.) So the debate rages on. For all interested you should check out the links provided in my previous posts. What I’ve … Continue reading

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Another Seth Godin post: Coaching Desire

Once again, in honor of National Arts Education Month, here’s the inimitable Seth Godin from his Education Manifeso excerpted on ARTSblog: Stop Selling Dreams (Part Five) by Seth Godin Seth Godin All week, we will be sharing (numbered) points from … Continue reading

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Anthony Brandt: Why arts education is a civil rights issue

Some really great ideas about art advocacy and art education being thrown out on the blogosphere these last few days! If you haven’t caught the mini-forum started by blogging giants and all-around super smart arts advocates Barry Hessenius and Arlene … Continue reading

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Seth Godin’s Educational Manifesto

For those who don’t know it, this month is National Arts Education Month. Hip hip hooray! In honor of that ARTSblog is hosting a salon of contributing authors who put forth ideas they hope can guide arts advocacy in its … Continue reading

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