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The blog year that was

Happy new year all! My year in review is going to be chock full of stats rather than my usual blathering. Here it is: Top pages and posts 2012-01-01 to 2012-12-31 Title Views Home page / Archives 5,570 The loneliness … Continue reading

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Robert Krulwich wonders: Are we naughty or nice?

Holiday edition This is a great post from Krulwich’s blog at NPR, copied here in its entirety: Which Is There More Of: Kindness Or Unkindness? A Christmas Accounting by Robert Krulwich December 24, 2012 3:53 PM Here’s a notion. It … Continue reading

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Ron Philbeck: In The House!

So there’s a squinty eyed me and my friend, pottery blog hero, and fellow potter Ron Philbeck on our way to a fine vegetarian breakfast at Athens’ own The Grit restaurant. Ron was in town visiting his expanding group of … Continue reading

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The afterglow

Thanks everyone who made it on out to the sales these past two weekends! And for those who couldn’t I felt your well wishes and support bolstering us throughout. Thanks! I am sincerely grateful to live in a community of … Continue reading

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Scott Cooper rocks Athens pottery!

9:36am Saturday December 8th 2012, Athens Georgia, in the Boulevard neighborhood somewhere between Chase street and Nacoochee, perhaps on Nantahala ave in the vicinity of the speed bump in the middle of that block…. a seismic event occurred that rocked … Continue reading

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Carter and Friends Holiday Pottery Market

So……. Another sale this weekend at the olde homestead. That’s 572 Nantahala ave in Athens GA for those who need to know. This year I will again be joined by stalwart potter friends Geoff Pickett, Juana Gnecco, and Jeff Bishoff. … Continue reading

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A Little Pottery Sale Lesson

First sale of the holidays complete and I’m feeling a bit more rejuvenated! I like that word: “Rejuvenated”. It speaks of the joyful optimism of youth, the unspoiled innocence, untarnished ideals, unbounded curiosity and healthy vigor of of someone growing … Continue reading

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