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Humbled, and not in a good way

This is an email I sent to my great friend, sounding board, conscience, and fairy godpotter, Scott Cooper. He thought it should be a blog post, so who am I to argue? Batten down the hatches! Stormy weather approaches! —————————————- … Continue reading

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Etsy: Seller beware!

Hey all, I know many of you fellow potters are either shop owners on etsy or are curious, so I thought I’d just relate a recent experience. It seems like such a small issue. I would have been satisfied with … Continue reading

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Pete Pinnell talks about cups

I saw this a while back, and although it is 32 minutes long I will undoubtedly watch it again and again over the years. I think its a must see for potting folks, so I hope you all share it … Continue reading

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Vacation can be good for digestion

Howdy all, I’m back from my vacation visiting the folks in Cape May NJ. 10 days spent wallowing in the surf and dangling my toes in the waves while reading a new favorite author (Neal Stephenson as per Scott Cooper’s … Continue reading

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The view from a pottery romantic

This is a comment I left on Richard Jacob’s excellent blog post that is still awaiting moderation. It is a topic that I flirt with in many of my own posts, so it shouldn’t be that unfamiliar to the folks … Continue reading

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