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A Debauchery of Spleen

Google says no one else has used that phrase on the searchable internet yet, so I’m going to stake my claim. Booyah! So, by now most of you readers will have realized that much of what I go off raving … Continue reading

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The lighter side of Chicken Little

Recently I was reminded that it isn’t always the best way to get your message across by shrilly screeching that the sky is falling. I can lay it on pretty thick at times (heh, heh)…. And I tend to exaggerate … Continue reading

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Peter Voulkos and the demise of functional pottery

“There is a perception in the modern craft world that anyone interested in useful craft is some sort of neo-conservative romantic who wishes culture would revert to a pre-industrial lifestyle. He or she is considered to be out of touch … Continue reading

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Steven Colby and the transitive nature of the functional pot

This blog is sort of a record of what I’m thinking about and how I’m thinking. Its all there swirling around inside my head, just waiting to come out. But if you’ve been reading these posts for any length of … Continue reading

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Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop: Athens version

Okay, so I’ve been cooped up with sore wrists and a sore thumb from having (stupidly) tried to outsmart some overly stiff clay the other day. This has left me with more down time than is good for me (Read: … Continue reading

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