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Defensive Potting: The story of Michael Simon’s evolution out of the round

So I just got back From the Michael Simon gallery talk at the exhibition of his work, “Pick of the Kiln’, at the Georgia Museum at UGA in Athens. I’m so happy I went! I’ve known Michael since he was … Continue reading

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The rules of creative expression

I’ve been wrestling with the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivations in our creative expression. There is seemingly no way out of the conundrum that an artist often makes new things to fit in the surrounding world, but those motivations … Continue reading

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Michael Simon’s ‘Pick of the kiln’

I spent 3 rapturous hours on Saturday soaking in the profound artistry of my fellow Athenian and former university instructor Michael Simon. Of course I was the first there the opening day of the exhibit (need you ask!), and had … Continue reading

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David Herskovits explains “The Dead Hand of Mastery”

I just saw this post which blew me away. I’ve been thinking a lot about the trouble that expectation can get us in (more on that specifically later, I’m sure), and it seems that expectation is always a decision on … Continue reading

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“Try it! You’ll like it!”: The science behind the ‘Ownership Effect’

Why are things like previews, trailers, or teasers effective? In a commercial market why does it make sense to give samples away for free? And it keeps happening, so it must work. Is it a disinterested attempt to appeal to … Continue reading

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Paul Mathieu rants: “Maybe our culture is getting the ceramics and the art it deserves”

But is the glass half empty or half full? It is what it is, but what is it? Who is disappointed and who revels? Here’s a rant from the preface to Paul Mathieu’s book “The Art of the Future“: “For … Continue reading

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