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‘Curing’ starving artists

Written in response to yet another marketing and business solution to the difficulty artists have in making a living. ——————————————– When you describe something as needing a cure you have already accepted that there is a problem. I understand the … Continue reading

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The Darwinian fate of Dreams, redux

My blog just blew up yesterday as someone shared an essay written some 4 years ago. Thanks whoever you are! Its a good essay about the precarious lives creative people have, written after my worst ever sale. I encourage you … Continue reading

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Truth and meaning

“There’s a fire backstage, the clown comes out to warn the audience. Laughter and applause. They think it’s a joke! The clown repeats his warning. The fire grows hotter; the applause grows louder. That’s how the world will end,” Wittgenstein … Continue reading

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Understanding and Knowing

I saw it, briefly, last night. Or rather I heard it. The settling dusk making my trips out to the kiln carrying freshly glazed pots even more treacherous, my nose firmly to the grindstone of beating full darkness and the … Continue reading

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Does art even matter?

Sigh. Like for many of you, I am supposing, something significant about the world changed last Tuesday. Values for society and our communities were suddenly brought into question. Many seeming certainties showed the fractures of doubt. Not that we believed … Continue reading

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The Completionist

I had a realization last week: I am a completionist. What I mean by that is that its not in my nature to get much satisfaction by leaving things half done. Sometimes its unavoidable, but when I have a choice … Continue reading

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Scarface ‘talks’ identity: A question for the arts and other human interests

This is an email (apology) to my friend Joe Patti, followed by the rant (comment on his blog) that provoked it. ………………………………………………………….. Hey Joe, I just reread my comment on your identity essay and am shocked at how strident I … Continue reading

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