I could have been a farmer

3am artist

As I’m gearing up for the holiday sales (starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, Yikes!) I have discovered a rhythm that seems to have more to do with waking up before sunrise and milking cows than my normal studio practice. I found out that if I can get my kiln fired by mid afternoon it can cool enough to unload late next afternoon, I have a chance to digest new information, sleep on it, and then wake back up and repeat the process…. Which means I have to be up between 3 and 5am to get the ball rolling.

I have also discovered that I really LIKE being up that early and getting all sorts of work done before I’ve even had my coffee or breakfast. I really think I could have been a farmer. With just the outdoor cats to keep me company and the stillness of the world at that hour its some of the most pleasant and relaxing time I have spent recently. Of course I am exhausted by the end of the day, and am lucky if I can stay awake past 9pm, but it seems to be working otherwise. 🙂

Here are some pots from two of the recent firings. I’ve got another load heating up and possibly two or three more kilns to fire before I’m in the clear, but so far so good!

DSCN4920 DSCN4927

Peace all!


About Carter Gillies

I am an active potter and sometime pottery instructor who is fascinated by the philosophical side of making pots, teaching these skills, and issues of the artistic life in general. I seem to have a lot to say on this blog, but I don't insist that I'm right. I'm always trying to figure stuff out, and part of that involves admitting that I am almost always wrong in important ways. If you are up for it, please help me out by steering my thoughts in new and interesting directions. I always appreciate the challenge of learning what other people think.
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5 Responses to I could have been a farmer

  1. Looking GOOD! I like the night and early morning always seemed like a stranger. But I will have to say that I have noticed lately that late night work isn’t as productive as it used to be. Maybe I’m just getting older (*confirmed) I’ve had a book called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod on my “to read” shelf for a while now. I first heard Elrod on a podcast and his story is interesting. Maybe I should get up earlier just to have more time to read! 😉 Peace to you too!

    • Thanks MK! I know you are a night owl, and I’ve heard the owl in the trees outside my studio that early in the morning, but I don’t think I could ever be productive at the tail end of my day. For me at least the day seems so pregnant with possibility in the morning that it’s actually exciting to get started. Maybe I’ve been coached too much in the early bird getting the worm, but I’ve certainly enjoyed the peace and accomplishment in the wee hours to start the day 🙂 I’ll have to give a look at Elrod’s book. Sounds good! Peace to you too! 🙂

  2. togeika says:

    Potter’s the world ’round were farmers first and Potters in the winter when I he fields & paddies were sleeping. Raku Potters were the first Urban Potters. I recommend Morgan Pitleka’s book on Raku. Many insights about the world’s first studio Potters.

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